In this video interview Takota Coen from talks with Malcolm Saunders about superfoods, why he stopped being a raw vegan, why you should stop feeling guilty about eating the foods your body needs, and how to discover your own optimal diet intuitively.

Malcolm’s life mission is to deeply connect people to their food. He has worked in the field of food and nutrition for close to 20 years and is the Owner & Creative Visionary of the Light Cellar in Calgary, AB. Malcolm is an expert and intuitive chef who specializes in sharing the alchemy of superfoods and superherbs. Through his videos, workshops and seminars he has helped thousands of individuals recreate their relationship to food. He has an expertise and passion for creating and teaching others how to make energizing and healing foods, including chocolate, elixirs and ferments.

Malcolm’s desire is to inspire others to live and eat from a space that honours the sacredness of all Life, illuminating the power of influence our food choices have on ourselves, other beings, and the planet we live on.

In this video Malcolm shares his incredible wisdom on:

Exploring the 4 “super” food groups: Plants, Animals, Bacteria and Fungi

Intelligent Eating and his FoodS.C.O.P.E. process that will help you identify what diet is right for you

How & why he moved away from being a “dogmatic raw vegan” to now being a “flexitarian”
Why many vegans are so angry

Which “superfood” was taken off of the original Canada Food Guide – the answer might surprise you!
And so much more!

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Please share your comments, insights, and personal stories about your experiences in finding your optimal diet.

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