It seems more than any other month that February is the one month above all that is most associated with chocolate…
And I know you might be thinking, “What about October and Halloween, December and Christmas, and April with Easter…”
And it’s true that there are a lot calendar holidays that associate with chocolate.
Isn’t curious that almost all are within the Winter months?
My personal theory, is that especially come February, we are starting to feel the effects of Winter and the long nights, short days, where our Vitamin D supplies are running low, and we’ve been inside too much and are generally itching for some longer, days marked with sunshine and greenery.
And though Calgary provides a great dose of sunshine and warmer temperatures with its frequent Chinooks, we all know we still have at least a few more weeks before we can actually celebrate the arrival of Spring.
So a little chocolate, and the mood elevating benefits it brings with it, from chemicals like Anandamide (the Bliss molecule), PEA (the Love molecule) and an increase in feel good neurotransmitters like Serotonin and Dopamine, is not only welcomed, but many of us begin to seek it out – especially in February.
We all want a lift and to feel good. And chocolate is often just about the easiest and most delicious solution.
As a professional chocolate maker and chocolatier, I have noticed that chocolate sales are always higher in the Winter and shoulder season months.
Cacao has a warming quality and intuitively we seek it to warm and uplift us in these colder months and these calendar holidays seem like a great excuse to attach our love of chocolate to.
So for all your chocolate needs, we at Light Cellar have you covered!
From our fresh, made-in-house Valentines inspired collection, to the highest quality ingredients so you can make it yourself, to a variety of classes and events to share with you a multitude of chocolate making skills and chocolate based desserts.
We’ve got you covered this time of year and beyond.