Looking for clean, green energy where you will sustain you throughout the day feeling nourished and energized without the crash?

This recipe you are about to learn is a tasty way to enhance your energy while also promoting relaxation!! This Elixir features the antioxidant-rich Matcha green tea as the feature superfood.

Maccha or Matcha is the finely ground chlorophyl and phytonutrient-rich leaves of Camellia sinensis (also known as green tea) that is a wonderful herb that has been used for centuries and offers so many health benefits.

This recipe shows you how to create your own matcha latte with a superfood twist at home.

Watch this video and check out the recipe for all kinds of variations and suggestions to maximize the Elixir to your preferences.

Basic recipe is:

* 12oz Green Qi teafrom Harmonic Arts or any other herbal tea like Nettles or Gynostemma

* 1 Tbsp Coconut Butter

* 1/2 – 1tsp Matcha Powder

* 1 – 2 tsp Moringa powder

* 1 Tbsp Honey or sweetener of choice

* pinch of high quality salt

* Blend together well, pour into your favorite mug, take a sip, breathe deeply, relax and enjoy!