Bone broth has become a trend – and for good reason.

However, did you know that you can greatly enhance and upgrade your bone broth to be more nutritious and medicinal?

In this blog post you are about to learn, not only how to make bone broth, but also several key ingredients you should be adding to every bone broth you make.

Most bone broth is just made with water, bones and maybe some veggies – which is good, but it could be so much better!

Discover how to upgrade your bone broth by adding in several other vital ingredients that I believe you should include in every batch.

Not only will you feel more energized and nourished, but it will save you time, stress and money by adding these key ingredients to your broth so you are consuming these essential foods every time you enjoy your broth.

I have found that in our house we get those colds and flus must less often as our immune system is constantly being supported through the broth we consume and these additional ingredients contained in it.

For instance, I love the idea of sea vegetables but I don’t actually love their taste and therefore wasn’t eating them very often because I lacked ideas on where to include them in my diet because I wasn’t excited about the taste. But now that I add them to my bone broth every time I drink it, I also am getting nourished by the incredible array of minerals and other properties sea vegetables provide.

This is just one of the key ingredients I suggest you add into your broth.

Watch the video and see the recipe template below to find out the other essential and highly nutritious and fortifying ingredients you should add to your broth!


* 1 -2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar (this helps extract minerals from the bones)

* Vegetables – fresh or scraps of celery, onion, carrot, etc…

* Culinary Herbs & Spices – your choice of rosemary, black pepper, oregano, etc…

* Sea Vegetables – add in a small pinch of dulse, kelp, nori, wakame, etc…

Medicinal Mushrooms – couple tablespoons of Chaga, Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, or any other medicinal mushroom in dried or fresh form.

* Medicinal & Adaptogenic Herbs – small handful of Astragalus, Goji berries, Jujube dates, Nettle root, Eleuthero root, etc…


* Bring to a boil, turn down and let simmer for 4-24hrs.

* Strain and jar. Freeze most of it and pull out when needed.

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