Elixir Life

This was my favourite picture from the Elixir Life recipe book photoshoot 

And it even almost made it as the cover…

However, despite my love for it and the fact that I could see all the tonic herbs around the glass, it was apparent that unless you know what they are, most people didn’t really see them let alone connect to them… and so the magic of the picture was lost.

It’s kind of how it is in life… 

Unless you have an awareness and have developed a special bond from experience to a particular thing (in this case the herbs) it simply remains out of sight. 

My passion for these herbs has come from years of getting to know, and using them as ingredients in my Elixirs.

I have learned about them from people and traditions that go back thousands of years.

There is a such depth of wisdom and experience waiting to be discovered in your daily Elixir 

With an unlimited potential…

If you are interested in going deeper into the Art of Elixir Crafting and learning about the wonderful world of herbs, Superfoods and medicinal mushrooms you can do so in a couple of ways.

1 is grab a copy of my book Elixir Life: Modern Nutrition Meets Ancient Herbal Wisdom (available @lightcellar and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc…)

2 Join me for an Elixir Crafting class where I’ll bring the herbs & elixirs to Life and set the context for you to continue to journey down this wonderful healing path 

The next LIVE session is Friday November 8th at Light Cellar

It would be an honour to have you there to learn and taste

Details to register are in the link in my bio 

And if you’re out of town and can’t make it to a Livd class I’ve got a previous workshop recorded which you can watch on your own time and is online at lightcellar.ca

And now back to those herbs in the picture…

What herbs are you able to identify? 

Can you see: 









and Schizandra…

Do you have a favourite? 

Let me know!