Why should men take herbs for sexual health? The benefits are endless:

  • Energy
  • Vitality
  • Virility
  • Drive (aka “The Will To DO”)
  • Muscle Mass
  • Attractiveness to the opposite sex (Pheromones)
  • Dramatically increased Libido!

Are you ready to discover the “He-lixir of Life”?

Pine Pollen
Freshly Harvested Pine Pollen

PINE POLLEN: You Will Grow “Woody”! 

    Dubbed the “meta-food” of the forest, Pine Pollen delivers a very similar spectrum of nutritive properties as bee pollen!  This is significant as Pine Pollen is a very nearly complete food for the body, delivering a wide spectrum of micro & macro nutrients.  One of the reasons Pine Pollen delivers such good energy in the content of complete proteins & other nutrients!   

    On a more medicinal scale, pine pollen is nature’s richest source of bio-identical testosterone!  That means when we eat pine pollen our testosterone is boosted naturally.

(   Check Out This Link For A Great Video re: Pine Pollen’s Effectiveness!    )

NETTLE ROOT: Testosterone Liberator

    Nettle root is the perfect herb to synergize w/ Pine Pollen!  Nettle root is a powerful testosterone booster just like pine pollen but along a very different biological pathway.  The effects of both herbs together “stack” to deliver ultimate energy!

Nettle root has been shown to liberate testosterone that has been bound up by a substance known as SHBG (sexual hormone binding globulin).  

SHBG binds to testosterone, effectively removing it from the blood stream and the body can no longer make use of this most important of hormones!

“Some of the more recent research on BPH and nettles indicates that nettle can interfere with or block a number these hormone-related chemical processes in the body that are implicated in the development of BPH. In clinical research, nettle has demonstrated the ability to stop the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (by inhibiting an enzyme required for the conversion), as well as to directly bind to SHBG itself – thereby preventing SHBG from binding to other hormones.” (1)


To Learn A Whole Lot More About Nettles Check Out The Link Below:


Elk Antler, The King Of Herbs

Elk Antler is one of the most interesting substances to be found in nature! It is composed of the growing tips of the antlers when they are in the “velvet” stage of growth. Truly if you think about it the growth of antlers by all members of the Cervid family (Deer, Elk, Moose etc.) is a marvel of the natural world. Every year the male Elk sheds his antlers (after the mating season) and grows a whole new set! This is the time that Elk Antler is collected as a powerful natural healing substance! In this stage of growth the antler is not yet solidified into the bony mass that it will use to challenge the other males for the chance to mate with the females!

This formidable weaponry grows exponentially and it is in the growing tips of the antler that some very interesting bioactive compounds are to be found!

The growing tips of Elk Antler are LOADED with nutrients! It contains high levels of protein (including all the essential amino acids) including Elastin (A Collagen protein) &

 , Copper, Iron, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sulfur & Zinc! Essentially all the elements that are required for life!

These of themselves will increase a person’s vitality and therefore libido! But Elk Antler contains something of great importance:  GROWTH FACTORS! These stimulate the human body to produce many different kinds of tissues: bones, joints, connective tissues, ligaments, tendons & muscles! Elk Antler is in fact held in great esteem for the healing of any kinds of injuries to these parts of the body!

 They also increase strength and the building of muscle mass! This in itself can lead to greater feelings of self-confidence and therefore sex appeal! When you consume Elk Antler you will soon find yourself growing “Horny”!

Our Elk Antler is sourced from Alberta Elk Ranches where they raise elk especially to collect this substance! The Elk is in no way harmed in this process! It is likened to clipping your toe-nails. Essentially a skilled professional (don’t try this at home) enters into a VERY STRONG fortified cage with a basket of dandelion greens! The Elk, enticed by this treat, chows down on the greens while the growing tips of his antlers are clipped off at the perfect stage to get all the above mentioned compounds! The Elk are encouraged to live long, healthy lives because the older the animal, the larger the rack of antlers and the more tips can be harvested! The Antlers are growing so rapidly during this season that sometimes they can be harvested multiple times in a single year!

Elk Antler actually has a delicious Umami flavour! A good dose is 1 teaspoon of Elk Antler Powder in your favorite smoothie or any other recipe! It has an awesome complimentary flavour to cacao! Blend it into your favorite Hot Chocolate Recipe! The other recipes in which the Umami flavour of Elk Antler really shines are those that are savoury! Elk Antler Chili, Stew and Soup etc are absolutely so yummy!

Check Out This Link For An IN-DEPTH Elk Antler Video!

Ant, The Herb Of Kings

+Potent Adaptogen +Nourish Blood +Enhances Immunity +Improves Sexual Function +Calms Anxiety +Promotes Sound Sleep +Improves Digestion and Elimination +Replenishes Energy +Strengthens Musculoskeletal System +Rich In Zinc

Believe it or not Ants are one of the world’s most common species of edible insects. In China they are regarded as food & medicine: Ants are mentioned in the Chinese Herbal Classics as “The Herbs of Kings!” They earned this name because whoever takes them becomes very vigorous!

Truly the major benefits one gets from consuming ants are on a nutritional level, they feed & nourish the body to provide energy to accomplish great deeds. Ants are a significant source of protein and are thus famous for being able to provide energy & strength to the human body!

Probably the single most important nutrient present in ants to provide a libido boost is ZINC. Ants are considered to be the world’s most bioavailable source of zinc on the planet! This means that the zinc contained in ants is in a form that is highly absorbable by the human digestive tract! This is in contrast to most zinc supplements that are available on the market.

+Zinc is considered “The Harmony of Marriages Element” in Japan. In the traditional japanese society divorces were very rare but as Japan modernized they started to occur more frequently. Japanese scientists were curious why this was happening and they did a massive study that documented among many factors the nutritional deficiencies of divorcing couples. What they found was that in almost every case the MAN was deficient in this essential mineral!   This should come as no surprise as zinc might be the most important nutrient for male sexual health. Zinc is responsible for cellular metabolism in the body, the human body needs zinc to give birth to new cells. If there is no zinc present the body will hang on to old cells, hence why zinc is so important to slow down the aging process. But for men, who give birth to MILLIONS of sperm cells every day, zinc is vital for a healthy libido. Without zinc men are unable to perform in the bedroom and therefore you see the reason why those couples were getting divorced! Consuming Ant will allow men to produce large quantities of sperm and therefore produce erections of the highest quality!

+The other very interesting compounds found in Ants are concentrated in their joints. These compounds known as “aldehydes” are also present in ginseng! They are considered to be the reason for the legendary strength of Ants! Of course they are known to be able to lift many times their own bodyweights! People who consume ant notice immediate increases in physical strength and these compounds might be the reason!

+Ants also bestow upon the person who eats them a certain kind of “Buzz” or feeling that is hard to describe! You become very efficient, organized, industrious & productive just like the hard working ant! You also become very motivated to work cooperatively with others! This is known as the “Hive-Mind” mentality and you will find that you can accomplish projects with others with a new motivation that can only be attributed to the “Spirit of the Ant”!

How to use it:

Ants are available in powder form that is easy to ingest in a variety of ways! Ants are traditionally enjoyed in hot chocolate, but you can add them to your smoothies etc. (The flavour is very complimentary to cacao!) Another fun way to eat ants is in any savoury food! Add them to your soups, stews, rice dishes etc.! In Mexico it is common to mix the ants into the beans for burritos! You will never know that they are in there

Cordyceps Mushroom: Time to get “Cordysexy”!

+Adaptogen +Strengthens The Body, Brain Power, Healing Ability, Immunity +Kidney Tonic +Lung Tonic +Considered One Of the Best Sexual Tonics! +Improves Circulation to the Extremities If You Know What I Mean!

Cordyceps Are One Of The Most Potent Of All The Medicinal Mushrooms!  Containing Medicinal Compounds Similar To It’s Cousins Reishi And Chaga etc. They Have Similar Benefits:

-Benefits Immune System – Immunomodulating

-Relieves Stress -Adaptogen

-Reduces Inflammation -Anti-Inflammatory

-Cardiovascular Benefits!    Cordyceps Benefits Circulation To The Extremities!

-Increases Lung Power – Aerobic Capacity + Blood Oxygenation

The mysterious Cordyceps Mushroom has it’s origins in the High Himalayan Mountains Of Tibet! Here at a very high-altitude amongst the mountain tops are luscious verdant fields of grass. This grass is the very best food for Yaks and every year the Yak Herders bring their herds to graze this green gold! It just so happens that they arrive at the time of year that the Cordyceps Mushrooms are fruiting! The Yak Herders noticed that their Yaks were very fond of eating the strange phallus-shaped Cordyceps mushrooms in the grass, actively seeking them out! The Yak Herders notice that soon after eating the Cordyceps their Shaggy companions became very Romantic! “The Shaggy Yaks Started Shagging”! The Herders observed this behaviour and then they themselves started eating the mushrooms too! The benefits were evident! This is how Cordyceps Mushrooms became famous to the whole world! They were especially prized in the Chinese Royal Courts and their fame is truly due to how potent of a sexual herb they are!

He Shou Wu : “Increases The Generative Energy”

+Adaptogen +Tonic +Aphrodisiac +Astringent +Nervine

To understand how He Shou Wu functions to rejuvenate the human body we must examine what Traditional Chinese Medicine says about it’s functions!  The main organ systems He Shou Wu nourishes are the KIDNEYS , LIVER and the all important ESSENCE! 

The ESSENCE is the JING energy that translates directly into our modern scientific language as ADRENAL HORMONES!  Apparently He Shou Wu contains compounds that are almost identical to the human body’s adrenocortical hormones! So when we consume He Shou Wu we are essentially feeding our ADRENALS!  

The KIDNEYS in Traditional Chinese Madicine include the ADRENALS so when you eat He Shou Wu you are directly nourishing them!  The Kidneys (and adrenals) are considered the storehouse of the E SSENCE!

 “The Kidneys are the great reservoir of energy for the entire body. This energy, jing, is stored in the Kidneys and can be released to any organ or to the whole system upon demand.”

– Ron Teeguarden, The Ancient Wisdom Of The Chinese Tonic Herbs

     As we know, when we are exposed to stress our body produces and adrenal response! This is a life-saving feature (The Flight or Fight Response) but when we are exposed to constant stress as we are in our modern lives, our adrenals eventually become depleted! This causes a whole cascade of consequences because our whole endocrine system no longer has any “juice”!  All of it has been used up to produce adrenaline!  This means that our body no longer is able to produce other “Fun” hormones, including Sexual Hormones, Pheromones, Mood Elevating Neurotransmitters and much more!    When we consume He Shou Wu we are supplying the body with a strong reservoir of ADRENAL ENERGY!

The LIVER in Traditional Chinese Medicine is also nourished by He Shou Wu and is an important organ related to our sexuality!  Apparently a massive erection is the result of having a STRONG LIVER ENERGY! We all know that The Liver when it is upset manifests as the emotion of Anger and Frustration, but according to Chinese Medicine a HEALTHY Liver produces the emotion of WILLPOWER! This manifests in the ability to get thing’s done, including your partner!

“The Liver meridian runs through the genitalia of both men and women and is thus responsible for male erection and female arousal. Sexual drive is closely related to the Liver’s primary drive to create (procreate) and to manifest the future. Poor erection in a man or the inability to achieve arousal in a woman is the result of deficient Liver and Kidney energy.’.  -Ron Teeguarden, the Ancient Wisdom Of The Chinese Tonic Herbs


He Shou Wu is absolutely delicious!  It has a very deep flavour that is a perfect compliment to any coffee, tea, smoothie, or delicious savoury dish!  Add 1 teaspoon per person to your favorite recipe! The flavours really enhance any soup or savoury dish!

Honorary Mentions:

Shilajit, Rhodiola, Ginsengs, Maca (Check out Denis’ Maca Article Here), Cistanche, Ashwagandha etc. etc. etc.

I hope you find this article very informative and life changing! I have been “hard” at work on this subject for many years!


Denis Manzer has been a popular figure in the health food industry in Calgary for over a decade. Instructor of workshops at The Light Cellar Superfoods shop, Denis has been helping guide people to optimum health and wellness through peak performance nutrition and herbalism! 



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