We are all looking for that edge to maintain and improve our health. Our conventional food system though it provides us with an abundance of calories, has not only failed to offer us any real depth in quality of nutrition, but is at the root of so much disease and illness.

More and more of our society is waking up to this fact that we need to dig deeper and find authentic foods that can offer us true nourishment and healing.

My journey, perhaps like yours, started at the health food store with organic foods, as well as vitamin pills and supplements. But I still longed for a deeper sense of nourishment and connection, one that was more natural and in alignment with how I wanted to eat and live.

Superfoods have come as a solution, as they have genetic integrity, are naturally raised, as well as minimally processed in order to maintain the optimal nutrition they inherently contain.

The benefits of superfoods are something we can feel and they can inspire us to create, enjoy and ultimately live a most fulfilled life.

There is such a diversity and a potency within what one might call a superfood. And more and more of the collective community is exploring and discovering the deeper nourishment superfoods provide. As this happens, some of these foods are making more waves of a difference than others.

Here are what I see will be the Top 7 Superfoods and Trends for 2019

#07 Adaptogens

This is a class of herbs continually gaining in popularity, and beyond being just a passing trend I feel it us collectively coming back to ‘daily herbalism’ as a practice.

Every culture around the world has an herbal tradition, as it has always been the people’s medicine. Adaptogens represent some of the best, safest, and most effective herbs that we can incorporate into our day to support your health.

You are going to hear more and more about adaptogens like holy basil, rhodiola, ashwagandha, eleuthero, because of how accessible, versatile and effective they are.

Most are easy to use in teas or elixirs as either as a whole herb or extract powder form.

#06 Elixirs 

On that same idea that herbalism is making a resurgence, so too are we looking for simple delivery systems for our herbs beyond just herbal tea. Elixirs represent the best in modern nutrition and ancient herbal wisdom.

It is the ultimate delivery system to bring these 2 essential facets self-care and nourishment together.

Look for more recipe books like Elixir Life to be written, and Elixir Bars like the one at Light Cellar to pop-up and be sure to attend an Elixir Crafting course at Light Cellar in the coming months to begin making them at home.

#05 Elixir Blends

One further trend on the theme of Elixirs will be Elixir blends – these are ready to use Elixir pre-mixes containing all your superfoods and herbs, intelligently designed to offer you easy, intuitive use.

Simply create your preferred tea base, add your choice of fat, an Elixir premix, blend and you’re good to go.

#04 Fermented Foods

There is no doubt that the popularity of fermented foods will continue to rise. It is absolutely because of there delicious flavour but also how they make us feel.

Fermented foods are an age-old essential foundation to the human diet that have taken a back seat the last hundred years, but are now coming to center stage.

There are also endless varieties that will cycle with their own time in the spotlight amongst a backdrop of traditional staples.

Create your own and seek out local crafted artisan ferments like sauerkraut, miso and natto.

#03 Superfood Chocolate

Chocolate is well loved by all and the trend of locally made, craft chocolate is on the rise. But what else also is, is the idea of utilizing chocolate as a delivery system for superfoods.

It is something we have been making at Light Cellar for years and our brand new line of medicinal mushroom chocolate continues with that inspiration.

Similar to ferments, it is all about sourcing well-made artisan craft chocolate, but also making it yourself.

Over the last 10 years I’ve empowered hundreds of individuals in learning the fun, simple and delicious craft of making their own chocolate.

I am excited about this continuing. Join me for a class in the New Year to learn how.

#02 Medicinal Mushrooms

The future is fungi!

And the use of mushrooms as both food and medicine has not only existed throughout time but is about to take off more and more.

The benefits of fungi are as deep and varied as the kingdom itself. From supporting your immune system to lowering cholesterol and blood sugar to fighting cancer and infections. Everyone in any situation can benefit.

And you don’t have to like the stereo-typical taste of mushrooms either, nor is at all about teas, soups, or stir-fries. There are delicious blends like our Chaga Chai as well as medicinal mushroom extract powders that can be added to chocolate, smoothies or elixirs to get the benefits.

Whether you are new to this realm or want to go deeper check out some of the class offerings at Light Cellar on the topic of fungi.

#01 Intuitive Eating

Letting go of diets and dogma. So many of us are done with diets. We want health, but also flexibility, ease and freedom.

Diets, though they have their place and can be useful in stages of our health journey, are too restrictive and not sustainable long-term. It is time to follow our guts more than nutrition trends and this is becoming more the narrative of those leading the way.

May you continue with joy and ease on your journey of improving and maintaining your health. Keep it light and keep it fun.

Let me know in the comments what you are gravitating towards on your intuitive health eating journey


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Malcolm Saunders

Malcolm Saunders