Why on earth would anyone put mushrooms in chocolate?! 🍄🍫

Our magic chocolate bar is the real deal.

There’s real magic here folks, and it comes from a blend of medicinal mushrooms! ✨💫🍄🍫

These superfoods have incredible benefits that the medical world is just beginning to grasp the power of. 💪

Serious research is being done on the beneficial health effects of these mushrooms. 🌍

We’re talking memory improvement with lions mane, an immune system boost with chaga, the calm and balanced effects of reishi, energizing effects of cordyceps, and the super antioxidants power of turkey tail. 🍄🍄🍄

The real magic? It tastes like pure, creamy stoneground chocolate that even the kids would love.

In fact, chocolate is THE PERFECT delivery system for these medicines.

The properties of chocolate help potentiate herbs and medicinal mushrooms, delivering them deeper into the body, directly into your system, so you’re truly reaping the benefits and power of this chocolate bar!

Are you ready to taste the magic?

These will soon be for sale on our online store but for now come to any of our locations in #calgary and grab one or three before they go 💫🍄🍫

Let us know your favorite Mushroom in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Jessica Joy

Jessica Joy

Jess: Light Cellar’s head chocolate maker