Every morning I wake up grateful to be engaged in the good work of helping you find and craft your own food and medicine.

This mission, that all of us at Light Cellar deeply believe in, is becoming more and more important every day.

Based upon some of the conversations I’ve had with many of you in the store, I know I’m not alone in my observation that there has been an absolute lack of emphasis on real health throughout this pandemic. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, but if we take our politicians and health authorities at their word – that this is a crisis about health – then shouldn’t we start talking about addressing the foundations of health along with all the other measures being taken?

In a recent conversation with Luka Symons she shared this  statistic:

By reading the slide carefully, you will learn that 44% of Canadians over the age of 20 have at least 1 of the top 10 chronic health conditions. And if we were to count Canadians with any chronic health condition, not just one of the top 10, this % would obviously be much, much higher. I believe this shows a deeper crisis that our nation should also be diligently working on right now to minimize the impact of the current and future pandemics. Especially, in light of the fact that those who have an underlying health condition, as well as our Elders, are most at risk of serious complications from this virus.   Can you imagine if we collectively put as much effort as we have into the tactics our government and health authorities have laid out so far, and also channeled some of those resources into foundational health practices?   The foundations for true health are, at their core, the same for all of us and they are very easy to understand and accessible enough for us all to implement. This couldn’t have been more clearly illustrated than by my most recent conversation with Luka that I would like to share with you. Entitled, the Gut as Ground Zero: Secrets to Feeling Really Good, Luka walks us through how health begins in the gut. Luka shared a slide with list of common conditions that most Canadians deal with on a daily basis and describes how each and every one had a connection relating back to issues in the gut as the root cause or contributor. Check out the chart below and ask yourself who do you know that needs to hear this?

I invite you to take a moment and listen to this fun, educational and dynamic conversation I had just the other day with Luka Symons. It is full of real, practical and empowering knowledge to truly help you, your loved ones and our society as a whole.

I have a number of new interviews I will be doing each week that will start as Facebook Lives and then will be posted to YouTube and the Light Cellar blog for you to continue to learn and be empowered. Stay tuned for a variety of conversations all freely available from our friends and experts within the Light Cellar community.  

Just a reminder we continue to be open every day of the week from 10am – 6pm for shopping in-store, as well as online orders and curbside pick-up. We are following all suggested AB Health protocols and will be re-opening seating at the Elixir as soon as restaurants in Calgary are given the go ahead. And on warmer days we look forward to you enjoying the seating outside in the sun which will be available as well.  

Be well and thank you for being part of Light Cellar community!   Malcolm