Flavour, Function & Feeling ✨🌟💫
Perhaps you’ve seen the recent videos we shared mentioning this concept…
This is the template and the lens through which we build our recipes at the Elixir bar.
By considering these 3 elements when crafting Elixirs (or Chocolate or anything other Recipe) you can create perfect blends to enhance your health and everyday 🍵☕️🍫
When building a recipe, start by thinking about the experience you want to create.
And draw from your knowledge of superfoods and herbs that will help create this for you.
What is the Feeling desired…?
Is it to energize, elevate, ground, calm or relax?
What is the Function… (above and beyond nourishment)
Is to wake you up, warm you up, move some blood, help you sleep, or support your adrenals?

What about Flavor…?
Do you feel like something earthy, something spicy, savoury or sweet? 
Will you add chocolate, or aromatic flavours like mint? ✨
Every food, and every herb, and the limitless combinations of each, all have a Flavour, a Function and a Feeling… ✨🌟💫
This is Alchemy,
Where you are the Elixir crafter, 
You are the Alchemist!
Mixing up beverages and other recipes for Flavor, Function & Feeling… ✨💧🍄🌿🥥🍵🌟
It’s fun, creative and empowering!
If you don’t quite feel confident it would like to go deeper into this concept you can learn more by either taking our online Elixir Crafting class or join us in-person for one of our popular Elixir workshops
You will be provided with some delicious recipes and a breakdown of each in reflection of Flavour, Function & Feeling and most importantly how to build your own.