It often begins with Sauerkraut…
Soon your path is filled with a bounty and huge variety of other live-Cultured fermented foods

Ferments are one of the four essential food groups, and you should not only be consuming live-cultured fermented foods and drinks, but also making them yourself at home.
This doesn’t mean you need to make every type of ferment.
But at least 1 that you make yourself from scratch.
Buy the rest from local artisan producers.
And get yourself in the kitchen and start fermenting.
But what to make?
Well, that’s the beauty – it’s up to you… there are literally hundreds of different kinds of ferments you could create.
Find the right one for you in terms of flavour, benefits, ease of use and that you will actually enjoy the craft of making.
Start small, start simple.
A lot of people will begin with sauerkraut – affectionately known as “the gateway ferment”!
Pretty soon your counter will look like a laboratory of science experiments with ferments all over the place…
Check out our how-to fermentation videos on YouTube and join us for a hands-on workshop where we’ll walk you through the steps to safe and effective ferments.
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