There is nourishment provided by food that you have had your hands involved in making that is different than any other food you consume.

This is one of those intangibles that we all know and can feel, but hasn’t yet been fully identified or measured by Science.

I’m certainly not suggesting that every food, meal or snack, be created by you. For most of us this is not possible, nor is it my point.

Part of my mission through Light Cellar is to help create more inspiration and connection between people and food.

For most of our society, there is a disconnect and a relationship to food that is not supportive of health.

I started the Light Cellar to help you find and craft your own food and medicine, by offering a wide selection of the highest quality superfoods that you often can’t find anywhere else.

And through the blog, our social media and classes, you can develop a deeper understanding of nutrition and how food influences and effects you.

But there is also the piece about developing and expanding your culinary skills.

Where you can feel more confident and inspired in having a hand in the creation of more of your food.

Whether it is to start with wild-harvesting to fermenting to chocolate making or Elixir crafting…

Its about bringing this intangible, yet vital piece of nourishment, that is missing from our modern society, but is so deeply essential to being human.

A friend of mines Dad was someone who didn’t spend time in the kitchen. At all.

Not sure the reasons, if there were any, but he was more than 25 years happily married and their entire marriage, his wife had done all the cooking.

Until, he came to one of my fermentation workshops…

Since then, he has never spent more time in the kitchen creating and concocting all kinds of ferments.

This ancient art and craft, spoke to him.

It was something he felt passionate about and perhaps could feel successful at and ‘own’ as his domain in the kitchen.

He still doesn’t prepare dinner but he proudly contributes with a side-dish of sauerkraut, pickles or other delicious ferment he’s learned to make.

His wife also told me that with guests he is all proud and definitely very eager to show off his corner of the kitchen and pantry which always has something bubbly away on it.

This is the nourishment I am talking about which goes above and beyond the labels of organic and the science of vitamins and minerals.
A deeper connection to your food that only happens when you get your hands into your food.

I hope you are inspired to create today!

Talk soon,

Malcolm “Inspired To Create Today” Saunders

PS If you would like to learn how to ferment your own food, to bring a deeper sense of nourishment and satisfaction to your meals you can check our workshops like “Be Your Own Fermenteur.”

You’ll learn the basics of fermentation of how to safely and effectively ferment your own food, and I’ll show you our exact process for creating the Light Cellar Sauerkraut we produce in house.

This is a hands-on class with limited space and there are a few seats left, so go to to register and I look forward to sharing the afternoon with you learning about ferments and getting our hands into our food.

Malcolm Saunders

Malcolm Saunders

Creative and Visionary of the Light Cellar

Creative and Visionary of the Light Cellar