Plant Spirit Communication
I was recently asked by a friend mine if I communicate with the plants when I am out harvesting and specifically, if I ask permission and reciprocate with an offering back when harvesting…

It’s an interesting idea and here is my response:
I am still working on my relationship and communication with plants & Nature. 
My intention is respect and I feel like most of the time I am sensing into Nature and checking in with the plants and always trying to deepen my relationship with them.

But, I acknowledge that I am still working through our civilizations cultural programming that is wired to ‘just take’. Most of us are painfully aware that humans are in a perilous situation because our society does just take without regard or consideration of others – be it plant, animal, bacteria, fungi. 
Obviously, as humans we need to consume resources from the living, natural world, and so to me I believe how we go about that is key…

As a whole we need to shift and make a conscious effort to create a new relationship with Nature and other species. What that looks like will depend on where we’re each at. I have met and spoke with herbal elders and sagely wild-crafters who do speak to the plants and offer gifts when harvesting.
The joking and slightly cynical side of me wonders if a prayer and ‘a gift of my hair’ is a fair exchange… I mean does the plant really want a greasy strand of my hair for its limb or life?!

But all kidding aside I’m definitely working towards finding my own ways and methods to communicate and reciprocate. 
I believe that just the act of slowing down, and stopping to consider the life you are taking and the value it is providing and what you will do for it, and for others in return is important and where we need to go.

What has been your experience?


Malcolm Saunders

Malcolm Saunders

Malcolm Saunders has a mission is to deeply connect people to their food.

He has worked in the field of food and nutrition for close to 20 years and is the Owner & Creative Visionary of the Light Cellar as well as the author of the book Elixir Life: Where Modern Nutrition Meets Ancient Herbal Wisdom. 

Malcolm is an expert and intuitive chef who specializes in sharing the alchemy of superfoods and super herbs. Through his videos, workshops, and seminars he has helped thousands of individuals recreate their relationship to food.

He has expertise and passion for creating and teaching others how to make energizing and healing foods, including chocolate, elixirs, and ferments.