We get it… Sometimes it happens.

You enjoy a little too much holiday cheer or indulge in a drink your not used to and the next day you are feeling it…

Your head aches, you’re tired, and just outright feeling icky…

There are a couple of tricks to help you out this Holiday season should you find yourself in this position. This conversation actually came about on a thread in our Light Cellar Community page on Facebook. Someone asked, “What are the best superfood cures for hang-overs?”

Here are our suggestions. Have you tired? What else have you found worked for you? Let us know below.
And in no particular order, as they are both recommended and effective for different reasons, here are the top 2 Superfood Holiday Hangover remedies:

Activated Charcoal
Because let’s face it – you poisoned yourself and the number 1 remedy for any kind of poisoning is activated charcoal as it will soak up and absorb the toxins and remove them from your system.

Probiotic Brine from a live-cultured Sauerkraut or lacto-fermented pickle.
Just taking a shot (or several throught your day) of this is key. It will help as it will replenish your electrolytes and rehydrate and rebalance your system. Plus the live probiotics may help if you’re digestive system is feeling a little off too.

Here’s to having a good time. Enjoy everything in moderation. And if you need to… a little back up for the next day to get you right on track.
Happy Holidays everyone!