✨Whole-Being Belly Laughs ✨
Even though we can’t actually remember what we were laughing about, we thought it was a good pic to post for what is known as Blue Monday (which apparently is the saddest day of the year…)
So hopefully our moment of good cheer – brightens and elevates your day 🌞
And though we all go through ups and downs, high and lows in life, we have found that food, and in particular fermented food, is one way to help brighten & lighten our days.

Likely you have heard there is a connection between your mood and your microbes… Science continues to reveal that a foundation of a healthy Microbiome is linked to mental health function, motivation and feelings of well-being.
It is said that up to 95% of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter associated with happiness, is in the gut which bacteria produce and regulate.
It’s one of the reasons why at Light Cellar we are so passionate about fermented foods.
Getting probiotics into your ever day through naturally fermented food is a great way to go.
It’s why we make a variety of fermented foods and drinks like sauerkraut and water Kefir in-House, and why we’re also so committed to sharing the knowledge and skills so that everyone can ferment their own food at home.
Pictured here was a scene from the @calgaryfermentationfestival which we hold every October. (Next one is October 10th 2020)
And we offer regular how-to Fermentation Workshops.
The next one of those is Sunday January 26th where you will learn how to confidently ferment delicious, probiotic-rich foods that are a very easy, economical and effective addition to bring greater health and happiness to your life.
If interested you can check our all the details and registration through our website.
Until then, and in the words of Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” …and eat some Ferments!